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Clothing that keeps you dry warm and on the edge.

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' Clothing that keeps you dry, warm and on the edge. '

We've all been there before; the wicked wipe out in wet snow, the cold damp rear on the ski lift, snow down the pants and up the cuffs, the drench of wet snow falling from the sky. When it comes to shredding the mountain, comfort makes all of the difference in the world, and proper snowboarding
clothes are the key to comfort.

Clothes with wicking properties provide optimal inner warmth and dryness. When your body overheats and produces sweat, it is important that your underlayers don't hold moisture, but instead, wick it away, allowing moisture to escape. Your first layer should be constructed with wicking materials that consist of synthetic fibers. Effective base layer wicking can help keep you warm, even when your outer shell fails to provide protection.

Your second layer should be breatheable and offer insulation appropriate to the temperature outside. Fleece is a good versatile option that comes in various weights. Synthetic Down is the best choice for snowboarding in wet conditions, and if your jacket is insulated with Goose Down, be sure it has been finished with a water repellant. Microfibers such as Primaloft and Qualofill are good alternatives to down, but often weigh more and are a little tougher on the wallet.

The best outer shell material provides the most windproof, waterproof and breathable protection. Gore-Tex material is an excellent choice for outer protection. In combination with fully taped seams and water tight zippers, your days of being soaked are over. Other outer shell materials such as H2NO system and Lowe Alpine Triplepoint Ceramic, rely on coatings, while still maintaining high quality performance.

"Some of the materials are confusing, so if you know more about them, you may want to integrate product names and materials."

- Erin Stokes

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