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Airblaster Grumpy Jacket

By: Airblaster

Airblaster Grumpy Jacket

Wipe that smile off your face and get down to business with the Airblaster Grumpy Jacket. With a bad attitude towards the wet and cold elements, this jacket turns a cold shoulder on all poor conditions. A long cut and ample waterproofing/breathability give you plenty of bark and bite when it is coming down hard so you can go harder. Just get your hands on the Grumpy Jacket and you will be able to feel all the toughness built in to help you withstand all kinds of abuse. The highly durable ripstop material is perfect for shredding through tree runs while all kinds of branches feebly attempt to swipe at you as you rocket by. Put a frown on everyone?s faces, as they grow jealous of you rocking the toughest piece on the mountain. There are loads of functional, well-placed pockets for you to stash things like Buck knives, grenades, and other objects of general naughtiness. Suit up with the meanest hunk of outerwear on the hill and get serious about protection in the Airblaster Grumpy Jacket.

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