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Crab Grab Mini Claws


Crab Grab Mini Claws

Skateboards have griptape allowing for traction anywhere on the surface of the board, so why should snowboards be limited to just two spots to stick your feet? Enter Crab Grab. These 3" textured foam claws allow for peel and stick traction action wherever you want it. The realm of one footed tricks just opened wide up. Even if you're just looking to get off the lift without pulling some Mary Lou Retton action, the mini claws can keep your foot rooted and not somewhere above your head.There's a reason why Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, and Bode Merrill have been making their own grips out of foam stomp pads, and Crab Grabs just made things that much simpler and better. See, Mini Claws are designed to allow for the sole of your boot to sink between the gaps and really take hold. And shoot, it doesn't have to be limited to just riding; Stick it on your water bottle, your laptop, your chia pet, or anywhere else you want extra grip and foam protection. The applications are limitless, and honestly, what wouldn't look better with a sweet foam crab claw on it?

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