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Homeschool Dangermare Jacket

By: Homeschool

Homeschool Dangermare Jacket

Homeschool Dangermare Jacket: you can?t sleep because you?re living a Homeschool Dangermare cloaked in a waterproof and breathable 2.5L Laminate Twill shell. Outfitted with a Darth Hater hood for superior wind protection and a Homeschool Engineered fit for excessive flattery this Dangermare Jacket floods your brain with delusions of grandeur that fuel your insomnia. You need to ride every second of every day, no ifs ands or buts about it. Fully taped seams fortify you mind and body to keep bad weather on the doorstep... just outside of math class? which happens to be the kitchen, where the pop tarts are. BOOSH! Better take those pop tarts to go because you and your Homeschool Dangermare Jacket are skipping math and going straight into PE/field studies? which happens to take place on a mountain with lifts and terrain parks and naturally occurring obstacles that leave you over stimulated. No video game will ever reach that level. Enjoy!

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