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Homeschool Naked Raygun Jacket 3.5L

By: Homeschool

Homeschool Naked Raygun Jacket 3.5L

Homeschool Naked Raygun 3.5L Jacket: We have all wanted to shoot a raygun from the back of a speeding bullet while naked and drunk on whiskey, right? Well, even if that is a fantasy shared only by one the Homeschool Naked Raygun 3.5L Jacket and its Cocona Xcelerator Technology and 100% Recycled polyester fabric certainly comes close if not exceed said fantasy in igniting that same rush of excitement. With its waterproof Continuum 3.5L Laminate Twill Shell and superior breathability this Naked Raygun Jacket fires a beam of weatherproof protection straight through the heart of winter?s worst weather, thus slaying the beast that brings discomfort to your life on the mountain. That?s no lie. The Homeschool Naked Raygun Jacket is so awesome that they felt compelled to name it so just because they could. Heavily fortified with RiRi Aquazips and Recco avalanche rescue technology the Naked Raygun is the weapon of choice for those who value superior form and function in a snowboarding jacket.

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